April 2021 Weekly Happenings


Weekend Bike Ride
Saturday, April 24 9-10:30am

Get the pulse up and join us on a scenic 30 km/ 18.6 mile bike ride in the beautiful area of Concord and Lexington.  **Intermediate level with some hills.**

We take the paved Minuteman Bike Trail from Lexington center to the end at Depot Park, get into the woods and on gravel roads, passing the Great Meadow Park. When reaching the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord and the Colonial Inn, we go back on the paved roads until we reach the Minuteman National Park where we bike on the gravel roads of Battle Road Trail. When meeting Mass Ave at the highway, we go back on the paved roads and end the trip with a wonderful long down-hill run until reaching Lexington center again – tired, sweaty and victorious!
RSVP as soon as possible (but no later than April 23) to Rikke at borgensvej@yahoo.com.  

Weekday Bike Ride
Tuesday, April 27 10-12pm

A more relaxed alternative to the more intense Saturday bike ride described above, join a group of LNN members for a leisurely Tuesday morning bike ride.  Ride will include a stop for coffee.  **Beginner level with flat terrain – no hills.**
RSVP as soon as possible (but no later than April 26) to Alexia at aducganis@comcast.net.  

After-Work Sunset Hike
Thursday, May 6 at 7pm

Come out for an evening walk across Chiesa Farm Meadow and Willard Woods to unwind after a working day and enjoy the wonderful surrounding countryside of Lexington. 

Bring your partner or come by yourself!  For those wishing to socialize a bit more, after the hike join us in Saskia’s yard to enjoy a beverage of our own choice (Covid:-).  We will honor social distancing and want all who attend to feel comfortable and safe.

Parking at Diamond Middle School on Sedge Rd.  Look for the trail head sign – the meadow is a very short hike from there.
RSVP by May 5 at noon to Saskia at sashouwing@gmail.com 

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